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IV Hydration
The Liver Detox
The Skin Brightener
The Electrolyter

Be nice to your liver! Whether it's an American diet, enjoying the local wineries a little too much, or just taking many medications, we all find ways to tax our daily livers. This glutathione infusion can reduce cell damage in alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Your liver is critical to metabolic functions and supporting your immune system - and you can't live without one - so treat your liver to a little detox.

This IV infusion utilizes the benefits of glutathione and Vitamin C to lighten and brighten your skin! Benefits: removal of blemishes, lighter skin tone, collagen production to enhance elasticity, reduced fatigue, improved skin texture, liver detox, and eradicating of oxidatively damaged cells (which cause the skin to darken).

Basic hydration drip (1/2 L) and a mixed vitamin cocktail – great for those who are overworked, stressed, fatigued, or jet-lagged. It’s going to replenish your electrolytes, hydrate you and give you your b-vitamins for energy.

The Hydrator
The Morning After
The Immune Boost & Chill

Feeling dehydrated? Come in for a IV boost to fill up your internal tank! Featuring a sterilized combination of water + electrolytes. Together, these ingredients replenish what‘s lost after a hard workout or a late night— helping to elevate you back to peak performance + get you out there living your best life.

Our “hangover” drip - It's 1L of intravenous fluid containing a vitamin/electrolyte cocktail. It’s going to replenish and hydrate you, as well as boost your B vitamins. It's also great after battling food poisoning or a stomach virus. Consider add-on glutathione for liver detox! B-12 for an energy boost! Or Lysine to improve bone, cartilage, and skin health. Need more? Check out "The Chelan Cure."

This is an infusion of Vitamin C and electrolytes, that works to boost your immune system and speed up healing - while also improving your mood. Combat depression, lower anxiety, improve brain health, reduce fatigue - all while reclining in a massage chair and watching some Netflix. Boost your immune system and your mood!

The Natural Defender
The Fountian of Youth
The Chelan Cure

Natural Defense is the “Immune booster” It has everything the "Electroylter" has plus higher doses of Vitamin C. This is great for people who are sick with or getting sick with a cold or flu. It will knock the sickness right out of you. Is also great for treating constipation, but tell us in advance if you've had diarrhea. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties (it has been known to help with fibromyalgia pain and other inflammatory symptoms).

This is an all-in-one “Beauty Treatment” - and turn back sometime! It’s great for anti-aging, and cellular repair, helps rid the body of free radicals, detoxifies the liver, and brightens and lightens skin. Also great at the end of a sunny vacation - help heal damaged skin and liver cells!

If you’re looking for a little extra help recovering the day after, try our blend of fluids mixed with Zofran (anti-nausea) + Toradol (anti-inflammatory/pain relief) for the ultimate reset button. Consider adding the liver detoxifier as well! Ask about packing pricing.

The Elevate

The "Big Daddy" drip of drips - includes the multivitamin/electrolyte cocktail of The Electrolyter PLUS a full dose of vitamin B12 (energy spark), a high dose Vitamin C dose (brain health and immune boost), essential amino acid lysine (anti-viral, bone/skin health), and a glutathione finisher (liver detox, skin brightner) - ALL IN ONE. Think of it like a complete oil change for your body!




  • TORADOL - Anti-inflammatory pain reliever for moderate to severe pain.

  • ZOFRAN - Anti nausea medication

IV Consultations
Intramuscular Injections
B-12 Injection
MIC B-12 Injection
B Complex Injection

Vitamin B12 keeps red blood cells and the central nervous system running in optimal conditions, ensuring that blood transports nutrients efficiently throughout the body. It also helps your body perform cell repair and maintenance, an essential part of treating anemia, boosts energy and helps reduce cholesterol. Bundle pricing is also available.

Aids in weight loss. A combination of methionine, inositol, choline & cyanocobalamin - an excellent adjunct to a comprehensive weight loss plan. This cocktail boosts energy levels, strengthens brain functions, and helps maintain a healthy metabolism to promote weight loss. Should plan to receive 2 injections/week for 4 weeks before re-assessment of further dosing. Ask about package pricing!

Combination of B1, B2, B3, B5 & B6. This Vitamin cocktail is a super-booster to support your immune system, reduce cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and supports brain function and health. Too many benefits to list here! Bundle pricing is also available.

Lysine Injection - 1ml dose
Lysine Injection
- 3ml dose
Glutathione Injection

Lysine is an essential amino acid with many roles in the body. It is a powerful anti-viral and is often used to treat cold sores (herpes). Lysine is critical to the formation of carnitine, a nutrient responsible for converting fatty acids into energy and cholesterol reduction. It also helps the body retain calcium, which is essential to bone health - AND it is KEY in the formation of collagen. Collagen is critical to skin, tendons, and cartilage. Your body can't make it - so come and get a dose.

Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties. It is capable of preventing damage to your skin and cells, having a direct impact on the way you look and feel. It can improve insulin resistance in older people, de-toxify your liver, and may improve psoriasis. Want even more? Talk to our doc about glutathione infusions!

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