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Nurturing Clients. Elevating Standards.


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We’re a marriage of a traditional day spa and a medical clinic, including an IV hydration lounge, servicing Lake Chelan, Washington & surrounding areas. Focusing primarily on relaxation and powered by results, we’re offering specialized treatments and cosmetic services – such as injections, treatments to improve skin tone and the appearance of wrinkles, including dermal infusions, light therapy, hydrafacials, chemical peels, IV therapy, Intramuscular injections and more – in a relaxing, welcoming facility.


The story begins with “The Nook” in Chelan, Washington. Stephanie Brown wanted to create a space of wellness for the community as well as ignite confidence and trust through relationships. The wellness industry can feel either pretentious and unapproachable or chaotic and disorderly. Stephanie wanted just the opposite. She envisioned a place of health, confidence, support, strength, and self-love. Training and skills are crucial for her to prioritize clients and customer relationships.
In this place, our client’s stories and ailments are locked tightly with secrecy, privacy, and respect. Stephanie wanted to create a place where customers could come and feel beautiful, seen, and heard, where they could feel they didn’t just occupy space; they mattered. She wanted to create a spa that catered to people’s needs, caring not only about their appearance but also their total well-being - a place where science and art merge in seemingly perfect form— a place just like the Elevate that stands today. 

A Note from the Founder:
“The general perception of the beauty industry is that it needs more approachability, professionalism, and attention to detail. I love this industry, and I wanted more for our area. I think it’s one of the best trades to work in and, by great distance, the best community to work for. We have the perfect arena to embark on the fun while serving and profiting for our futures. When I started “The Nook,” I wanted it to be a place that exuded style, professionalism and impeccable attention to detail.”

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